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The future of fashion is circular. How innovative fashion brands are working on circularity

The end of last year and the start of 2019 have seen a sharp increase in consumers’ awareness of the damages associated with fashion production and consumption. Clothes are an essential part of our lives, and fashion represents an important expression of individuality. Nevertheless, we have reached a point where we have lost control of what we consume and how we consume.

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Why do we need to change our online shopping habits to be more sustainable?

Did you know that there is an environmental cost for sending goods back from your online shopping? Of course it is not easy to pin down how much online shopping is damaging our environment, however any unnecessary transportation should be avoided to decrease carbon dioxide emissions. In order to make online shopping more sustainable again, we have to shift our mindset and buying patterns to avoid any unnecessary impact on the environment. We have summarised some tips for consumers and companies in our blog.

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Sustainable everyday products made from hard-to-tear paper

Japanese paper mill Onao has created a collection of innovative and beautiful products made from hard-to-tear paper using sustainable materials such recycled polyester from used plastic bottles and textile products. Onao succeded to combine tradition with new technologies to develop papers that can also be used for interiors and for practical everyday products.

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