Carcel - Danish Design manufactured by women in prison in Peru using 100% natural materials

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Danish design label Carcel was founded by social entrepreneur Veronica D’Souza in 2016, and is designed by Louise Van Hauen. Carcel is a label which merges socially responsible production, beautiful design and only 100% natural materials into one. But this is not all: Carcel is also stepping away from the traditional fashion seasons, by dropping limited batches of new styles to avoid wasteful stock and respecting the pace of their unique production. The label is designed in Copenhagen and produced by incarcerated women in Cuzco, Peru using 100% baby alpaca wool that is locally sourced. Together with their talented and ambitious team, their empowering initiative helps break the cycle of poverty that leads to high female incarceration rates. Every item carries the name of the woman who made it, connecting the customers to the woman who made their clothes. Their next goal is to set up a next production in a women’s prison in Asia with pieces made from 100% silk. In less than a year within its official launch, Carcel has already gained global recognition for its radically different model: transforming problems into solutions by re-evaluating every step of the supply chain and empowering women in prison to obtain a crime-free future and break with poverty. Since 22 June 2018, Carcel is also available at Net-A-Porter. “We constantly ask ourselves how we can contribute to a future of fashion that empowers its producers and protects our planet without compromising on quality and material. Working with NET-A-PORTER makes it possible for us to prove that a responsible production and desirable products can be both scalable and commercial”, says Veronica D’Souza, CEO and Founder of Carcel. 

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