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About Us

The idea of creating a sustainability blog was born when Heike was unable to find an inspiring and informative source for sustainability news. During a residential workshop at Cambridge University for the CISL Postgraduate in Sustainable Value Chains, she pitched her idea to Simona and soon the idea evolved and the blog was born. 

When talking to each other, we discovered our shared and unlimited passion for sustainability and our mutual desire to share our knowledge with the people around us. We both believe that sustainability has to become a ‘mind-set’ and that driving cultural change is pivotal to make the planet a better place for our children and future generations. We believe that by increasing people’s understanding of sustainability-related topics, by celebrating sustainable development and by presenting different – and at times contrasting – perspectives we can contribute to increasing sustainability understanding and foster positive change.

As much as we hope to attract a wide range of passionate sustainability professionals, the Sustainable Lifestyle Consultant blog has been designed with a broader audience in mind: anybody who is willing to make the world we live in a better place.

About Heike Schnell

Heike is the founder of the London based sustainable yoga brand Wellicious that was founded in 2007. Right from its inception Wellicious was one of the first yoga brands to embrace an eco-friendly ethos within this sector. The entire Wellicious collection is ethically made in Europe from super-soft, long-lasting, natural and organic fabrics. Heike, as the founder of one of the first fashion companies focusing on sustainability, has extensive knowledge and contacts in this field. The Wellicious idea was developed from Heike’s interest in a health and organic lifestyle combined with her love of fashion and yoga. She is a very creative businesswoman and her chief work experience prior to Wellicious was in small and medium sized luxury boutique companies. Heike holds an MBA and grew up in many countries around the world and is inspired by many cultures.

Heike is a mother of three and currently lives in London with her husband and children. She is also a certified meditation and yoga teacher.

About Simona Azzolini

Simona is a brand and innovation strategist passionate about Sustainability and Brand Purpose. She believes that business can change the world for the better and that its primary mandate should be to serve society. With more than fifteen years’ experience across R&D, brand and marketing, she decided to launch her own consultancy agency B-cause in 2015. B-cause is a freshly minted boutique consultancy whose objective is to support businesses in embedding sustainability within the organization, launch or reposition brands placing purpose at their heart and develop sustainable innovations that will shape tomorrow's markets.

After her M.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry she started her career in R&D within Unilever to then discover she was fascinated by the consumer insight behind innovation. Consequently, she moved to Brand Development and Innovation and covered different managerial roles at Barilla, Carrefour and Unilever.

Through her last role in Luxottica she gained extensive experience in Luxury Goods, being responsible for the business relationship between the company and world-class fashion brands such as Ralph Lauren, Versace and Dolce&Gabbana.

Outside work, she loves to spend time outdoors together with her partner and their two children. She is a passionate yoga practitioner, runner and skier.