Adidas has sold 1 million sneakers made from ocean waste

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We are truly thrilled that Adidas has sold 1 million pair of shoes made out of ocean plastics. Adidas had started a collaboration with Parley For The Oceans in 2015, which is an initiative that has been created by thinkers, leaders and creators to protect our oceans. On average each pair of shoes reuses around 11 plastic bottles. The plastic can be broken down and used as a fibre to produce shoes.  In addition, Adidas has also discontinued handing out plastic bags to their customers since 2016. 

We think that this is a good start but hope that company CEO Kasper Rorsted invests even more into sustainable products in the future as there is so much scope to do more. Adidas produced over 403 million trainers globally in 2017 alone (according to ). The company also currently scores 64 out of 100 in the Ethical company index.  According to less than 5% of post-consumer shoes are being recycled overall, so all footwear companies can do more to promote recycling.  To get more information about all the sustainability projects of Adidas please follow this link:

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