Kure - Sustainable Nailpolish in Fashion Colours

Sustainable Lifestyle Consultant - Kure Sustainable Nailpolish.jpg

We came across Kure nail polish a few years ago when we did some research on eco-friendly nail polish which had not only not been tested on animals and had a natural-based formula, but one that was a long-lasting, fast-dry, super shine nail product to boot. Kure ticked all those boxes for us and their colour palette is also mesmerisingly fashionable. So far Kure has been able to ensure that 85% of their product ingredients are natural. The brand was created after the founder of Kure had a baby and had a new awareness of the products she used on her body. With the help of a friend and the support of best laboratories in the world, Kure was born. Kure uses wood pulp, cotton, corn and wheat as base ingredients for their natural products. They have also recently added a 100% natural nail polish remover which we will try very soon.

For more information on Kure please visit: http://kurebazaar.com/en/home.html



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