Tribe & Glory - Beautiful products made in Uganda that empower local women

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Tribe & Glory is a social organisation established by two students - Loren from Texas and Caragh from England- whilst still studying at the Universities of Texas and Oxford respectively. Loren and Caragh were brought together by Ugandan authorities to help them to create a social business concept to help the local Ugandan women's community. This social concept helps women in Uganda, who live below the poverty line, to start their own business and so to empower them to support their own families.  Tribe & Glory's beautiful products are all individually handcrafted from Ankole cow horn, which is an ethical byproduct of the food industry. Ankole cows are mainly found in East Africa and have large unique horns that can grow to an impressive 2.4m length, making the horn a perfect product base. By buying Ankole horn from local suppliers Tribe & Glory supports both Ugandan women but also other business supply chains. What we even like more about the philosophy of Loren & Caragh's "women's empowerment program" is that it can be also replicated and implemented in other countries and communities as well. 

Tribe & Glory's business model reaffirms the trend of the "Rise of the Social Enterprise". According to Forbes more and more companies understand that they have to look beyond revenue and profit and include other equally important factors such as "customers, stakeholders, communities, business partners, and employees" in their decision making. Discerning and progressive customers nowadays expect companies to leave a positive "footprint" and to do "good things". 

Even SME's are embracing this new trend. A high percentage (25%) of social businesses that intend to tackle social and environmental challenges have been set up in the past three years. Social Enterprise UK Lord Victor Adebowale confirmed, "Social enterprises show us what the future of business can look like". Another pleasing fact is that 41% of social enterprises are led by women. Currently one million people are employed at approximately 70.000 social enterprises in the UK that contribute in excess of 24 billion pounds to the economy.

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