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Are you feeling overwhelmed or feeling environmental guilt because of sustainability news?

For many years now, sustainability has been a passion of ours and also part of our daily lifestyle and business concepts. However, we do know that this might not be true for all our blog readers. We do understand that some people might even feel overwhelmed by the sudden tsunami of information and tips on how to change your way of life to be more eco-friendly or to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Nonetheless environmental concerns are pressing and we have to find a way to motivate us. We have thought of some ideas on how people can overcome those negative feelings.

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Living a sustainable lifestyle is not only about protecting the environment - it is about understanding nature as well!

Living a sustainable lifestyle is not only about reducing our impact on the environment, but also recognising that by being one with nature, we start to understand and respect its resources again. We have highlighted the latest trends to help people be more a part of nature again in our latest blog…

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Toxic smoke is an increasingly grim challenge as air pollution already affects 91% of our world’s population

The World Health Organization held their first Global Conference on ‘air pollution’ in Geneva in 2018, as air pollution is becoming more and more a global test. Also Bangkok has been battling toxic smog since many years. However, in the past weeks air pollution in Bangkok has been really challenging. We asked Mrs Judith Coulson, who is the owner of a successful corporate wellness/health consultancy in Bangkok, about her experience of the past few weeks.

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