Hay Wax - You can fight hay fever now with a natural & organic barrier balm

Every year many people battle hay fever, whose symptoms include a runny nose, streaming and itchy eyes, and sneezing.  It also appears that the numbers of people affected by hay fever is on the increase each year. Pollutants from traffic is one cause and is responsible for an increase in “urban hay fever”. According to Dr Jean Emberlin, Scientific Director of Allergy UKDrallergens "allergens and pollution work together, enhancing the other’s responsiveness which creates more symptoms".  There is also proof that the quantities of pollen have increased in recent years, as reported by Professor Arshad of Allergy and Clinical Immunology at the University of Southampton. 

This year, completely by chance, we found a 100% natural & organic remedy named HayMax and certified by Soil Association at our local pharmacy in London. We immediately gave it a try and, to our surprise, it really worked! We cannot even begin to tell you how pleased we are about this as most of the remedies we had tried so far made us feel either drowsy or dizzy. What we also love about this new anti hay fever remedy is that the natural ingredients have no negative effects on our environment and on our body. Most of the current hay fever remedies contain ingredients such as propyl or hydroxybenzoates which have multiple side effects on our bodies including headaches, nausea or drowsiness. 

But how does HayMax work? HayMax works as a barrier. It is applied to the bottom of the nose to prevent pollen, dust or pet allergens from entering the body. So this remedy mostly works for people battling sneezing (68%), itchy nose (61%), stuffy nose (41%), and runny nose (42%) according to a study in 2015 by Allergy UK. The same study concluded that it only helped participants with itchy eyes by 15%. Another piece of good news is that as HayMax is 100% organic, drug free and non-drowsy, even pregnant woman, children and toddlers can use it. We are fans now and we think it is definitely worth trying, or using it in combination with other remedies if you have more severe hay fever symptoms. The only downside of this product is that its packaging could have be more eco-friendly too!

For more information on hay fever increase: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/health-fitness/body/many-people-suddenly-suffering-hay-fever-middle-age/

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