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Why is there still no scaleable form of ‘decarbonising’ aircraft travel in the near future?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) estimates that 4,6 billion passengers will travel by air this year alone, and expects this number to double by 2040! But how does air travel influence our climate? Air travel is still responsible for 3% of global carbon emission. There is also no scaleable form of ‘decarbonising’ aircraft travel in the near future.

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Toxic smoke is an increasingly grim challenge as air pollution already affects 91% of our world’s population

The World Health Organization held their first Global Conference on ‘air pollution’ in Geneva in 2018, as air pollution is becoming more and more a global test. Also Bangkok has been battling toxic smog since many years. However, in the past weeks air pollution in Bangkok has been really challenging. We asked Mrs Judith Coulson, who is the owner of a successful corporate wellness/health consultancy in Bangkok, about her experience of the past few weeks.

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