Why do supermarkets sell organic food wrapped in plastic?


We are always amazed to find organic food tightly wrapped up in plastic. Even when we get our weekly delivery of supermarket food, we find all our organic vegetables and fruits are encased in plastic, and the worst part that this indiscriminate and unnecessary use of plastic packaging is increasing exponentially.  The irony is not lost on us when we see conventionally grown vegetables wrapped in paper being displayed next to organic food wrapped up in non recyclable plastic. The Soil Association, which is an organic certification body in the UK, maintains that organic food needs to be wrapped in plastic to avoid it to get mixed up with non organic food. However, there are now plenty of alternatives on the market to non recyclable plastics, such as biofilm which is made of trees and plants. We really hope that a new solution will be found quickly as according to Blue Planet 8 million tonnes of plastic waste lands in oceans.


BusinessHeike Schnell