Milkmen are returning to London

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Like many other Londoners, we received our first delivery from our milkman last week . Everything went smoothly and the milk tasted delicious. The milk is delivered in glass bottles and going by the fact that only in the last month the UK company milk & more gained 2500 new customers, it leads us to believe that we are not the only ones who are looking into reducing our plastic waste. It appears that younger people and families have been the main target market, as they are willing to pay the extra penny. However, we think that this trend will also spread to the general public as well.

We also like the fact that local companies and smaller suppliers are supported as well. These companies really try to make a positive impact on the environment by being as eco-friendly as possible. Another benefit is that one can not only add fresh fruit, vegetables and bakery to the order but also cereals and spreads as well. For more information please visit:


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