Sustainable Education - Green School Bali in Indonesia

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Little by little there are "green schools" popping up around the world. Though numbers of these schools are still small, there is definitely a new trend evolving. And honestly who wouldn't love to send their children to a school like this or have had an opportunity to attend one themselves? What we love about this new trend is that these schools not only focus on sustainability but also on the personality of the students.

At Green School Bali, for example, part of the core values that children learn are responsibility, trust, empathy, integrity, trust and community. This wonderful school is located in a jungle close to the Ayung river and 30 minutes away from Ubud in Indonesia. Children are being taught in wall-less structures made out of Bamboo, where they learn from an early age to live in harmony with nature. Through studying, working, living and playing students can also observe what kind of impact they have or can make on the environment through their thinking and decisions. There is also a small farm where vegetables and fruits are planted and grown. The school runs on bio buses and solar panels. They have their own in-house water filtration system, waste management centre and a compost system. The school is also endorsed by Jane Goodall and Ban Ki-moon. 

Not everybody can move to Bali, but there are amazing summer camps available for kids, where they can learn how to build and design a bamboo camp, amongst other things.

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